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Pet Care Robots Feed, Clean, and Entertain Dogs & Cats

Whether you decide to visit friends or family for dinner, or you travel for few days, you need plan ahead for someone to take care of your pet. Fortunately, there are devices that can make your life easier, and allow you make impromptus decisions to go out or have a short stay away from home. […]

3 Best Educational Robots and Robotic Kits for 2018

Education robots for kids and grownups

Robotic toys are not only fun to play, they are also great to teach kids STEM. Indeed, robots mix mechanics, electronics, and programming. But, there are plenty of robot toys out there. For example, if you search for “educational robot” on Amazon, you get 1500+ results. This is why we decided to make this selection […]

Star Wars Gifts Can Be Useful: Pick Ones With THE Force Included!

Star Wars Vacuum Robot

Not all Star Wars gifts are created equal! Some are more useful than others. The ones with THE force survive the fade of the coolness and the enthusiasm driven by the “Last Jedi”. They will be in use a long time after Christmas. The Darth Vader and Stormtrooper robotic vacuums are examples of such gifts. […]

Cozmo: A Playful Chatty Little Robot Expressing Emotions Just Like Wall-E

Cozmo is a palm sized cute little robot by Anki. It is able to roam around, move his head, and lever/arms to perform some actions such as rolling or pushing objects (see Videos 1 and 2). Anki’s folks designed a playful/curious robot with a personality inspired by the famous movie character Wall-E. Its face is […]

Miniature Lifelike Star Wars Droids: Have Fun and Learn Programming

Miniature Star Wars Droids by Sphero

Sphero already made a blast with the miniature version of BB-8, first appearing in “The Force Awakens” movie. They strike back with two extra cute miniature Star Wars droids: R2D2 and BB-9E, all controllable using iPhone and Android smartphone, via Bluetooth. Miniature Lifelike R2D2 Buy from AmazonR2D2 Sphero The Sphero’s R2D2 is taller than the […]

Affordable Virtually Indestructible Drones

Hobby Drone

Unbreakable Quadrotors Last spring, Parrot released a cool slow motion video (see Video 1) featuring the famous AR Drone flying through water, fire, glass and crashing into a wall. While this video is really cool, it was performed under controlled conditions (see Video 5 for the making of). Still folks from Game of Drones took […]

Starwars BB-8 Droid Working Miniature Version Awakens

Update: Sphero released two other miniature Star Wars droids: The famous R2D2 and the BB-9E, the dark astromech droid of the First Order that debuts in Episode VIII – The Last Jedi Starwars episode VII (The Force Awakens) revealed the now famous round droid BB8. And of course, every fan wants one. Makers can make […]

Meet Ozobot : the Miniature Robot that Roams over Digital Screens

This cute little robot is great for learning logic and programming while having fun playing games. The playground can be a sheet of paper or a cardboard on which you can draw color lines. The Ozobot detects them using its sensor, and triggers behaviors you have programmed. Just cool! But, what is even cooler is […]

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