Daft Punk Helmet 3D Printed

I wanted to make a gift to a fan of the Daft Punk french electronic music duo. And of course, I’ve chosen to make a 3D print. I found on Cults a cool design by AlbertKhan3D of one of the helmets of the group.

The archive contains multiple STL files. All represent the same helmet, but the differences are somewhat unclear. I’ve chose the one that seemed to have leveled bottom. since the disks on the sides are a bit higher than the rest, I had to add support enforcers on the sides.

Size & Print Duration

At 0.1 mm per layer, the slicer announces 11 hours. But, I wanted just to have a small helmet. So, I’ve down-sized and printed a 30% version of the original. It took 52 minutes to print. The picture below shows the print on my finger, to give an idea of the how small it is.

Bits of History

Daft Punk was created in 1993. But, they started wearing robotic helmets only starting 2001. They were active until 2016. Eventually, the duo decided to split in 2021. This was announced with the video below.

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