Client-Server Application Development with PharoJS


PharoJS is a free open source infrastructure that allow developing and testing in Pharo applications that ultimately run on a Javascript interpreter. It is a general purpose solution that can target a wide range of applications, running in a web browser, on top of NodeJs or packaged in cross-platform mobile apps using some framework such as Apache Cordova.

During the 2022 edition of the Pharo Days, I gave a talk presenting¬† latest work of the PharoJS team. It addresses web applications with client-server communications. I’ve discussed solutions that we have implemented, and how we have used them in a real world setting.

You can find below the full slides of the presentation. The organizes did a recording of the talk. I’ll add a link as soon as they’ll make it available. Meanwhile, I’ve added the videos of demos I’ve made below the slides.

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