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As a father, I am very concerned about the planet and the challenges faced by humanity. When I realized that technology is the only way to make any significant change on a global scale, I switched to a part-time job, and setup Nootrix. The mission of this one-person shop is to make the world a better place using digital technology.

I am using my expertise in computer science and robotics in 3 complementary ways:

Nootrix is 100% ethical. It is both ad-free and tracking-free. My only revenues come only from donations and clearly labelled affiliate links, directly related to the discussed topic. Last, part of revenues generated by Nootrix is redistributed to charities and non-profit organizations.

So far, Nootrix is costing me money and time. Your patronage will help me pay the bills, and why not dedicate more time to make the world a better place.

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The video below is a preview of a unique Star Wars inspired animation. This is an expression of my gratitude to Nootrix supporters who deserve a hug!

Beside donations, there are other ways to support my mission to make the world a better place. Simply share Nootrix blog posts and applications. Liking them on Facebook and other social media is also good. You can also help me by buying something via our Amazon affiliate link. It will cost you nothing, and Amazon will pay us a small amount of money.

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