NooTriX is founded on a deep optimistic belief in technology and its power to help make the future brighter. “Technology is the mother of civilizations, arts, and science” [Freeman Dyson]. It can help us make the world a better place. It is even THE ONLY way to make any significant change on a global scale.

The goal of NooTriX is to contribute towards a utopian future built by means of new technologies such as robotics and AI. This mission is addressed in three complementary ways:

  • Increase the general awareness of intelligent machines and related ethical and societal issues.
  • Spread the technical knowledge through detailed explanations and step-by-step tutorials.
  • Make technological progress by introducing innovative software or hardware.

To reach the largest possible audience, most materials provided by NooTriX are free, open-source and typically under a creative commons license. This is because we firmly believe that progress is always made by standing on someone’s else shoulders.  Still, we need some funds to keep the site running and to produce new free content. For this, we currently rely on donations and some advertisements.

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