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Mobile Apps

Farmers Market

The Farmers Market app allows you to find nearby markets, where you can buy fresh food directly from farmers. It is available both for Android and iOS. Check it out!

Sensor Scanner (Arduino only)

Sensor Scanner 1.0: Free App for Android 4.2.2. Lists sensors available on your device. Displays their information, and their values at realtime. See dedicated post.


Dynamixel Servo Motor Contoller Using ArbotiX-M Arduino compatible Board

The ArbotiX is an open hardware (GPL 3 license) Arduino compatible board that can control up to 30 Dynamixel servo motors. It is ideal for building robots of various kinds (Legged robots, Robotic arms, …).

  • Read the companion tutorial
  • Download all our example Sketches from GitHub
  • Elevator using Arduino and Lego

    legoElevatorElectronics.Zip archive file with Arduino software to control an elevator built using Lego Mindstorms. See dedicated post.

    ArbotiX-M and Dynamixel Servo Library Sample Code

    ArbotiX-M has 2 power buses. The first one is for Dynamixel Servos, and the secondAll you need to setup and use the ArbotiX-M board and Dynamixel servos. Code provided in this GitHub repo also gathers many sketches for making software for robotic arms and legged robots. All were tested with the Arduino IDE 1.8.


    ROS Virtual Machines (Runs with VirtualBox, VmWare, Parallels…)

    rosIndigoLogoRounded Virtual machines with ROS Indigo Igloo:

    Two VMs are available one with Ubuntu 32Bits and the other with Ubuntu 64Bits. Read the related post about their characteristics before downloading.


     Bit torrent for a virtual machine with ROS Hydro Medusa pre-installed. See dedicated post.


    Bit torrent for a virtual machine with ROS Groovy Galapagos pre-installed. See dedicated post.


    Bit torrent for a virtual machine with ROS Fuerte pre-installed. A dedicated post explains how to use it.


    • I’m learning about the ROS , i need a file.voa to install in VM, I’m not found it in the web site,could you send us the link or send it by Email? thanks a lot!

      • We added a link for HTTP download. It’s much slower than the torrent, but at least you can eventually get the VM.

        • Hi,

          The torrent files are poorly seeded, so the download never start.

          Can you provide a direct link for the VMs? I don’t find the http download links that you are referring.


    • Yeah! I tried to lauched the rosIndigo64Bits VM, with the VirtualBox application from my PC windows 10, and then i got this error message:
      -VT-x is disabled in the BIOS for all CPU modes (VERR_VMX_MSR_ALL_VMX_DISABLED).-
      I was wondering if i could have a little hint to solve this! Thanks!!

      • You should enable the VT-x in the UEFI (new BIOS for Windows 8 and 10).
        It worked for me.

    • Hi thanks for ur useful website! iam new in ROS once i tried to run it with this command i got this error> E:unable to locate apt-get install ros-hydro-hector-quadrotor-demo package> would you please help me with that?

    • i can’t download ROS Fuerte or Groovy.ova from torrent. what is the solution

      • Do you really need those old versions? The current ROS version with Long Term Support (LTS) is Indigo. It is available both on the torrent and using HTTP.

    • Hi all,

      I’m using VM VirtualBox to running Ubuntu-14.04.4. And I wanted to import ROS Indigo into it. But when I imported it, I faced an error like below :

      Could not create the imported medium ‘C:\Users\SEANO\VirtualBox VMs\RosIndigo32Bits\RosIndigo32Bits-disk1.vmdk’ (VERR_VD_VMDK_INVALID_FORMAT)

      Code d’erreur : VBOX_E_FILE_ERROR (0x80BB0004)

      Composant : ApplianceWrap

      Interface : IAppliance {8398f026-4add-4474-5bc3-2f9f2140b23e}

      Can someone give me an idea? Thanks..



      • I faced the same problem with the 32-bit version. After retried with the 64bit ROS, then it is solved.

    • Hi all,
      I am using VM VirtualBox 5.0 to import the RosIndigo32Bits.ova,but I faced an error like below :
      Could not create the imported medium ‘C:\Users\ABC\VirtualBox VMs\RosIndigo32Bits\RosIndigo32Bits-disk1.vmdk’ (VERR_VD_VMDK_INVALID_FORMAT)
      Code d’erreur : VBOX_E_FILE_ERROR (0x80BB0004)
      Composant : ApplianceWrap
      Interface : IAppliance {8398f026-4add-4474-5bc3-2f9f2140b23e}

      my computer is HP windows10,64bits
      Could someone give me some advice?
      Many thanks!

    • Hey I am currently running Ubuntu 14.04 on my VMware.
      To use this ROS indigo 64Bit, do I have to uninstall my Ubuntu 14.04 and just install this file so that I can have Ubuntu + ROS ?

      • In VMware and other virtualization tools, you can have multiple virtual machines, running the same operating system. In your specific case, you can keep your existing Ubuntu 14.04 and install the virtual machine with Ubuntu+ROS. They will not interfere with each other.


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