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best Roomba for Pet Hair

Clean All Dog & Cat Hair with Best Roomba for Pet Owners in 2019

A Roomba definitely makes pet owners life easier. It automatically removes all your dogs and cats hair from the floor.  ...
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best Roomba for Large Homes

15 Roomba to Automate Large Home Cleaning in 2019

Large homes are challenging for all vacuum robots including Roomba, because of various reasons. First, such homes have many rooms ...
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Vacuum Robot Reviews Viewed 2,000,000+ Times!

We have just hit the 2,000,000 page views! This great news is an excellent fuel to! We'll keep providing ...
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best Cheap Roomba 2019

Best Cheap Roomba Vacuum Robots for Your Home in 2019

In this post, we review cheap Roomba vacuum robots on sale in 2019. Our goal is to help you buy ...
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Roomba 690 vs. Roomba 675 – Do These Cheap Roomba Worth It?

Roomba 690 and 675 are the two cheapest Roomba still supported by iRobot. They belong to the 600 series presented ...
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Review of Roomba e5 Vacuum Robot by iRobot – Pros and Cons

Roomba e5 is a Wi-Fi connected robot vacuum by iRobot, released late 2018. This is the first born of the ...
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Review of High-End Roomba 960 vs Roomba 980: Pros and Cons

Roomba 960 and Roomba 980 belong to the 900 series. Those are the first Roomba to support systematic navigation, and ...
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Roomba 650 vs Roomba 652: All Time Best Seller Vacuum Robots

Roomba 650 is by the far the all time best seller vacuum robot. In this post, we explain the reasons ...
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Review of the Self-Cleaning Roomba i7+ vs Roomba i7: Pros and Cons

Introduced in fall 2018, Roomba i7+ is the first vacuum robot to automatically empty its own dustbin. In this post ...
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Answers to All Your Questions on Roomba, Neato & Other Vacuum Robots

Vacuum Robots FAQ: Answers to All Your Questions on Roomba & Friends

This vacuum robots FAQ page gathers all frequent questions on Roomba and Friends. Indeed, it provides answers to all your ...
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Pet Care Robots Feed, Clean, and Entertain Dogs & Cats

Whether you decide to visit friends or family for dinner, or you travel for few days, you need plan ahead ...
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Education robots for kids and grownups

3 Best Educational Robots and Robotic Kits for 2018

Robotic toys are not only fun to play, they are also great to teach kids STEM. Indeed, robots mix mechanics, ...
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