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3D printed phone stand space invader retrogaming

Space Invader Retro-Game Phone Stand 3D Printed

I made this phone stand for a friend who is fan of retro-games. I had to design it myself since I was unhappy with the ones I found on hobby 3D printing sites. Previous Next Design I've wanted it to be easy to print. Mixing different colors was also a ...
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3D Printed Bird Feeding House for Gardens

Bird Feeding House Mixing Wood with 3D Printed Parts

Birds populations have been severely plummeting for many decades in a row. According to recent studies, we have lost about 30% of of breeding birds, compared to the 1970's. The goal of this DIY project is offer a solution to balance this decline. By feeding the birds during winter, we ...
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COVID-19 Virus Pandemic

Fighting COVID-19: Maker Projects that Can Make a Difference

This is a selection of projects and initiatives to make solutions to to tackle the Covid-19 outbreak. Please note that most of them are uncertified biomedical devices. Still, they are likely to be helpful, and maybe life-saving, since there is a shortage in many hospitals around the globe. Laser Free ...
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Multisolving climate change has both short-term and long-term benefits

Multisolving the Climate Change Has Short-Term Benefits Too

I believe this TEDx talk by Dr. Elizabeth Sawin (see video below) deserves more attention from everyone interested in fighting climate change. Dr Sawin introduces Multisolving, which stands for solutions that address multiple problems at the same time. She discusses some obstacles to an international agreement at the United Nations ...
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Global Warming Caused by Continuous Carbon Emissions

How to Stop the Global Wildfires Epidemic?

Media's attention is currently drawn to the Corona virus epidemic. But, what's the status of fires that were burning major biodiversity hot spots? The answer is provided by today's map from NASA's Fire Information for Resource Management System (see Figure 1 below). In South America, Amazon rainforest fires are record-breaking ...
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Brain Treats App Your Daily Dose of Fun Facts

Brain Treats App: Your Daily Dose of Fun Facts!

Want to get smarter while having fun? The Brain Treats app is for you. You will learn astonishing facts and real amazing anecdotes. It works even if you are offline. Energize Your Brain with Fun Facts You can use the Brain Treats app if you are alone and bored, to ...
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TED #JoinTheCountdown

#JoinTheCountDown TED Movement

Dear Humans,Our home is in danger. The net annual greenhouse gas emissions is 55 Gigatons. That is 55,000,000,000,000 Metric Kilograms. Yes, 55 1012 Kg!All these trillions of emissions should be turned down to 0, if we want to avoid catastrophic global warming. This is why TED launched #JoinTheCountDown worldwide movement. The ...
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Robots with Soul by Guy Hoffman at TEDx Jaffa

How to Make Lifelike Robots with a Soul

A common misconception is that robots need advanced AI algorithms to have fluid interactions with people. Another myth is that robots need to have some special shape to be engaging.There's actually a better, simpler, and more elegant way! Secrets of Engaging Interactive Robots Guy Hoffman from Cornell University introduced a ...
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3D Printed Gifts

3D Printed Chistmas Gifts

3D printing allows to make unique cool DIY gifts of all colors. The video below presents a sample of items that I did printed and offered to family and friends. Some are useful, and other are just fun. All are usable and quick to print.You can find more on 3D ...
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PharoJS Talk at ESUG Smalltalk Conference

PharoJS ESUG 2019 Update

I gave a short presentation at the ESUG 2019 Smalltalk conference that was held this year in Cologne, Germany. In this talk, I made a summary of main PharoJS changes and improvements done during the last 12 months. This includes a more robust test framework to run and test Javascript  ...
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Pharo logo with Pharo 8 tools in the background

Développement interactif de programmes Pharo 8

Comme vous pouvez le constater à travers les menus de Pharo, il y a de nombreux outils. Mais, pour débuter, vous n'avez besoin que d'un petit sous-ensemble. C'est justement ce qui est abordé dans ce tutoriel.Dans ce qui suit, je vous propose de  prendre en main les outils de base ...
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Global Warming Caused by Continuous Carbon Emissions

Que faire face à l’épidémie des feux de forêt qui dévastent la planète ?

L'attention des médias est actuellement dirigée vers l'épidémie du virus Corona. Mais, qu'en est-il des incendies qui brûlaient les sanctuaires de biodiversité ? La réponse est donnée par la carte fournie, ce jour, par le service de récolte d'information sur les incendies de la NASA (voir la figure 1 ci-dessous) ...
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Arrétons de gaspiller l'eau

Combien d’eau gâchée avant une douche chaude?

Mon ami Eric et moi avons constaté qu'avant de prendre une douche, il faut laisser couler l'eau pendant de longues minutes avant qu'elle ne soit assez chaude. Nous étions d'accord qu'il fallait faire quelque chose contre ce gaspillage. Mais, quoi ?Je me suis dit qu'avant de traiter le problème, il ...
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