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ESUG 2022 PharoJS Highlights

PharoJS Highlights @ ESUG 2022

After a two years pause due to COVID, ESUG conference is back. This year's edition took place 22-26 August in Нови Сад (Novi Sad), Србија (Serbia). As usual, it was a delight to meet the Smalltalk community. It was also an opportunity to present latest updates on PharoJS, give demos and even implement new stuff as summarized in the following. Outline

Client-Server Application Development with PharoJS

PharoJS is a free open source infrastructure that allow developing and testing in Pharo applications that ultimately run on a Javascript interpreter. It is a general purpose solution that can target a wide range of applications, running in a web browser, on top of NodeJs or packaged in cross-platform mobile apps using some framework such as Apache Cordova.During the 2022 edition of the Pharo Days, I gave a talk presenting  latest work of the PharoJS team. It addresses web applications ...
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Getting Rid of Chemical and Carbon Waste from Batteries – A Maker’s Perspective

Many devices we use daily rely either on batteries that we need to replace more or less often. Beside the economical cost, this is a source of toxic waste. Using rechargeable batteries does not help much. Rechargeables are more expensive, and they eventually die and go to waste.There are some possibilities to recycle batteries. Still, recycling is not 100% perfect. There is always waste generated. Besides nasty chemicals, CO2 is emitted by the recycling process, contributing to climate change. This ...
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Daft Punk Helmet 3D Printed

I wanted to make a gift to a fan of the Daft Punk french electronic music duo. And of course, I've chosen to make a 3D print. I found on Cults a cool design by AlbertKhan3D of one of the helmets of the group.The archive contains multiple STL files. All represent the same helmet, but the differences are somewhat unclear. I've chose the one that seemed to have leveled bottom. since the disks on the sides are a bit higher ...
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Mac OS X Bug and Workaround to Open a “file:” URL with Parameters from Command-Line

Testing the PLC3000 project requires opening HTML files by a web browser. Indeed, PLC3000 is developed using PharoJS. Its code is written in Pharo, before getting transpiled to JavaScript and exported to a JS files referenced by HTML files. Developing PLC3000 in a TDD fashion, I quickly faced an issue. I realized that it is related to URLs with parameters. Addressing this issue led me into a rabbit hole where I discovered a bug in Mac OS X. I show ...
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Toddler Puzzle Game 3D Printed

I wanted to quickly make a gift to a toddler. After some search, I found some cute puzzles on MyMiniFactory. I chose to print 2 of them, both by MixedGears, with rather big parts, which is important to avoid children accidentally swallow them.
  • Elephant Puzzle Toy. Comes in a single file with all parts. It took me almost 3 hours to print with 0.3mm layers.
  • Squirrel Puzzle Toy. The downloaded archive includes different STL files, one for each part. Each took between ...
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Beautiful Giroid Vase 3D Printed

I was looking for a gift idea to 3D print. Then, one of my students showed me this cool vase. This beautiful design was published by Area3D on MyMiniFactory. It took me 9 hours to print at 0.10 mm resolution. But, it does worth it. The result is smooth, with the shiny Sunlu silk filament. However seams are too visible. I need to figure out how to change the settings to hide them. Previous Next ...
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Castle Dice Tower with Moveable Gate 3D Printed

This dice tower was designed by LennartS, and published on Thingiverse on April 01, 2015. It prints as a single part including the moving gate. It took me 15 hours to finish the print. I used a sunlu silk PLA filament, that has this smooth shiny finish. Although there was no stringing, some fine elements such as the fence and the vertical bars inside the tour were ugly and very fragile. I had to reprint them and glue them into the ...
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Rubik’s Cube 3D Printed Stands

Rubik's Cube Puzzle Stand Based on a design by by jgoss via Thingiverse published on October 14, 2013. Previous Next Globe Cube Stand Based on a design by OldManLink published via Thingiverse on February 26, 2020. Previous Next ...
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3D printed phone stand space invader retrogaming

Space Invader Retro-Game Phone Stand 3D Printed

I made this phone stand for a friend who is fan of retro-games. I had to design it myself since I was unhappy with the ones I found on hobby 3D printing sites. Previous Next Design I've wanted it to be easy to print. Mixing different colors was also a requirement. So, I've came up with 2 parts. The design takes into account assembly and allows to easily align the parts and glue them together. Download There are 2 STL ...
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