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Eurathlon 2015 Competition Will Mix Air, Land, and Sea Robots

Eurathlon is a robotic competition, supported by the European Commission in the FP7, through the eu-robotics association. The vision behind it is to provide real-world robotics challenges that will test the intelligence and autonomy of outdoor/off-road robots in demanding mock disaster-response scenarios. Inspired by the Fukushima disaster we envision a competition that requires autonomous flying, […]

Robot Competitions Kick Innovation in Cognitive Systems and Robotics

Robot Competitions Kick Innovation in Cognitive Systems and Robotics (RoCKIn) is an EU-funded Coordination Action aimed at the promotion of research and education through competitions. The RoCKIn Camp 2015 aims at leveraging the preparation of teams to participate in the RoCKIn@Home and RoCKIn@Work challenges, the competition event that will be organized by RoCKIn in Lisbon […]

Supplemental NSF Grants to Support US-EU Collaborations

If you have an existing NSF-IIS National Robotics Initiative award or a Robust Intelligence award that focuses on robotics, you may be interested in this opportunity for supplemental grants. Submission Deadline: January 1, 2015. Maximum Budget: $50,000 Over the last few years, significant investments have been made by the NSF and European Commission (EC) to […]

Pepper the Wheeled Brother of Nao, by Aldebaran

In our review of humanoid robots at the Innorobo event, we had mentioned that Romeo, the long awaited Nao’s bigger brother is not ready yet. It seems that SoftBank Mobile, the owner of Aldebaran wants to get some return on its investment. This is why Aldebaran announces Pepper a humanoid upper body on wheels. It […]

Playmate Robot

Remember the cool robotic teddy bear from the AI movie, this is exactly the kind of robot that every child and so many grown ups would like to have. Many roboticists professional or hobbyists work to make this dream come true, and build a robotic playful friend. Here are some cool videos featuring robots and […]

Cool and Unsual Robots at Innorobo 2014

There were so many cool robots at Innorobo 2014. We have already gave a glimpse of humanoids big and small, turtlebots with fancy customizations, and the cute little Elisa-3 mini-robot. We’ll give here a quick tour (see videos and pictures below) of some of the most remarkable robots among all remaining ones. One of our […]

Meet Elisa-3 the Magnetic Mini-Robot

One of the cutests robots showcased at Innorobo 2014 is Elisa-3 a two-wheeled mini-robot by GCtronic a spin-off of the Autonomous System Lab at the EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne). This little brother of the e-puck robot also targets the education and research community. The cylindrical small case (5 cm of diameter and […]