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Atlas Humanoid is Ready for Running at the Next Olympics

Boston Dynamics Humanoid Atlas Running

After the incredible ninja moves and back flips, Atlas strikes once again. The Boston Dynamics humanoid is now capable of running. As opposed to fast walking, running means that at some point in time, bot feet are off the ground (see Video 1). To show how much this is amazing, compare to Video 2 where […]

Will Boston Dynamics Make Domestic Robots?

The latest Boston Dynamics video is about the SpotMini, a new smaller version of the Spot four-legged agile robot. However, while the Spot is hydraulically actuated, the SpotMini is 100% electric with a battery that lasts about 90 minutes on a charge . This is why the SpotMini much less noisy. Another visible novelty is […]

Will Your Next Robot Take Care of Folding Your Clothes?

FoldiMate is a startup that is making a new breed of domestic robots that will take care of folding your laundry. This new machine will fold and treat most of your laundry (e.g. shirts, pants, towels), except for large items like linen or small items like underwear or socks. As shown in the Video 1 […]

Machines Uprising: From Fun To Deep Thoughts

Technology and more specifically artificial beings (i.e. robots) have always made people imagine dystopian futures. The predicted outcome resembles the Terminator films or the Ex Machina movie, where machines become smarter than humans, and kill their creators in the pursue of world domination. However, these dark scenarios can also be depicted in funny way. Daniel […]

Drone Racing League Level 1: Miami Lights Semi Finals

The videos of the semi finals of Drone Racing League (DRL) of the 2016 season are out. At this stage, 8 pilots battle for the most points. Each race is made up of a number of heats. Pilots scores are determined by their total points over those heats. Pilots earn 50 points each for passing […]

Drone Racing League 2016 Season Debuts on February 22nd

Drone Racing

With the technology becoming mature, a drone racing competition was unavoidable. That’s what the Drone Racing League (DRL) is about, with its drone championship debuting this year. The first round will take place in Miami’s Sun Life stadium next February 22nd, 2016. The teaser video below gives a glimpse of the arena, and its colored […]

Pepper Still Needs Paper Instructions!

In a recent video (see below) by Aldebaran Robotics, their community leader Nicola Rigaud reports recent stories about Pepper. Riguaud gives an overview of projects presented during the finals of the SoftBank Challenge for Japanese developers. He also visited some shops where Pepper is actually put to work. A funny detail makes us think that […]

Fast 3D Printing of Robot Parts

Remember the T-1000 from the Terminator 2 movie and how it emerges from its “liquid metal”? At the TED 2015 event, Joseph DeSimone showcased CLIP a 3D printer that does exactly that. The process behind the CLIP allows making objects with different mechanical properties (e.g. elasticity). Besides, it eliminates layers that characterize traditional 3D printing. […]

Insect-Size Micro-Robots

In her talk at TED, Sarah Bergbreiter head of the Maryland Microrobotics Laboratory at the University of Maryland gives an overview of research conducted in her lab. The goal is to make autonomous micro-robots, as small as a grain of rice, embedding all they need for locomotion. Insects are their source of inspiration. The results […]