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Roomba i7+ the First iRobot Vacuum Robot to Empty its Own Dirt Bin

Roomba i7+ Self cleaning Vacuum Robot by iRobot

Roomba i7+ is the latest vacuum robot by iRobot. It is meant to become the new best Roomba. The i7+ builds up on the success of the high-end Roomba 900 series. It also features a major innovation to surpass competition: self-cleaning. Indeed, the Roomba i7+ is a vacuum robot that automatically empties its own dirt. […]

4 Ways to Clean a Home with Multiple Floors Using a Vacuum Robot

Roomba cleaning multiple floor home

Homes with multiple floors are challenging to vacuum robots, although today’s vacuum robots are very good at home cleaning. Indeed, home robots are still all wheeled and can’t deal with stairs. Although there exist many legged robots, they are still experimental and way too expensive to be used for domestic applications. In this post we […]

Roomba 980 vs Neato Botvac D7 Connected – Best Robotic Vacuums for 2018

Roomba 980 Vs Neato Connected D7 Best Vacuum Robots' Duel

The Botvac D7 Connected is the latest vacuum robot by Neato Robotics. Knowing that Neato is the the second best cleaning robots maker, we expect the Botvac D7 to be the best robotic vacuum cleaner for 2018. In this review we present the D7 main features and compare it to the maket leader: the Roomba […]

Best Robotic Vacuums for 2018: Top 5 High-End Vacuum Robot Brands

Best Robotic Vacuums for 2018: Top 5 High-End Vacuums Robots Brands

Since the introduction by iRobot of the first Roomba in 2002, many consumer electronics companies built their own. This includes major players from around the world, such as LG, Miele, Samsung, and Xiaomi. In this post we present the top 5 brands that make the best high-end vacuum robots. We’ll see that iRobot is still […]

Best Robotic Vacuums for 2018: Top 5 Vacuums Robots Under $300

Best Robotic Vacuums Under $300

Nowadays, we find cheap vacuum robots on the market. They are even cheaper than many smartphones! For less than $300, you can get a robot that will free you from most of the vacuuming. The only challenge is to find the best vacuum robot. And this is far from easy. There exist literally hundreds of […]

Top Vacuum Robot Brands: The 2017 Ranking

Top Vacuum Robot Brands

Update The 2018 Ranking of Top Vacuum Robot Brands is Out This vacuum robot brands ranking reflects users overall satisfaction. We have averaged the scores for different robots made by the same brand. Interestingly, ranking brands based on their best robotic vacuum leads to similar results. This is no surprise. Brands often rely on the […]

Star Wars Gifts Can Be Useful: Pick Ones With THE Force Included!

Star Wars Vacuum Robot

Buy Darth Vader Vacuum RobotAmazon USAAmazon AustriaAmazon CanadaAmazon FranceAmazon GermanyAmazon UK Buy Stormtrooper Vacuum RobotAmazon USAAmazon AustriaAmazon CanadaAmazon FranceAmazon GermanyAmazon UK Not all Star Wars gifts are created equal! Some are more useful than others. The ones with THE force survive the fade of the coolness and the enthusiasm driven by the “Last Jedi”. They […]

Vacuum Robot Customer Service: Share Your Experience!

Vacuum Robot Customer Service

So far, we have made guides that compare robotic vacuums based on their characteristics and functionalities. Indeed, our reviews allow you choose the vacuum robot that best fit your home and budget. But, another important criterion to review a vacuum cleaning robot is how good is the brand at treating customers. This is why we […]

What is the Best Robotic Vacuum?

For this review of the best vacuum robots of 2017, we compared 62 robotic vacuum cleaner from 22 brands. A drastic selection led to only 3 winners in 3 categories: High-End: Come with the most advanced features and accessories. Best Sellers: These robotic vacuum cleaners provide an excellent user experience, at a reasonable price. Best […]