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Apple Watch Controls Your Vacuum Robot

Neato Robotics, maker of the first laser-based systematic cleaning vacuum robot continues to surprise the market with new innovations. After being faster than iRobot (maker of the famous Roomba) at releasing a wifi-enabled vacuum robot, they are now the first to make a robotic vacuum controlled from a smartwatche. On march 1st 2016, they announced […]

Best Alternative to iPad Mini 4: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8″

After its introduction in 2010, the iPad quickly led the tablets market. Apple has always been good at designing streamlined devices with a slick UI that makes great user experience. Beside the design, it is no secrete that the ecosystem is of tremendous importance. By July 2015, there were more than 1 500 000 apps […]

Meet Ozobot : the Miniature Robot that Roams over Digital Screens

This cute little robot is great for learning logic and programming while having fun playing games. The playground can be a sheet of paper or a cardboard on which you can draw color lines. The Ozobot detects them using its sensor, and triggers behaviors you have programmed. Just cool! But, what is even cooler is […]

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