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3D Printed Bird Feeding House for Gardens

3D Printed Bird Feeding House

Birds populations have been severely plummeting for many decades in a row. According to recent studies, we have lost about ...
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COVID-19 Virus Pandemic

Fighting COVID-19: Maker Projects that Can Make a Difference

This is a selection of projects and initiatives to make solutions to to tackle the Covid-19 outbreak. Please note that ...
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3D Printed Gifts

3D Printed Chistmas Gifts

3D printing allows to make unique cool DIY gifts of all colors. The video below presents a sample of items ...
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Useful 3D Print Kitchen Sponge Hook

Useful 3D Prints: Kitchen Sponge Holder Hook

One of my motivations to 3D printing is home repair and improvement. In this small project, I decided to use ...
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