Affordable Waterproof Indestructible Drone

Affordable Waterproof Indestructible Drone
January 19
10:33 2014

Last spring, Parrot released a cool slow motion video (see Video 1) featuring the famous AR Drone flying through water, fire, glass and crashing into a wall. While this video is really cool, it was performed under controlled conditions (see Video 5 for the making of). Still folks from Game of Drones took the idea seriously and decided to build a robust low-budget drone. And guess what, they did it! Checkout Videos 2, 3 and 4 to see them torturing their quadrotor. Their drone is virtually indestructible! And what best, you can get one for $130 bucks if you back their Kickstarter project.

Video 1: AR Drone Slow Motion

Amazon Drone Store

Video 2: Drone vs. Aluminum Bat

Video 3: Drone vs. Shotgun

Video 4: Drone vs. Water Cannons and Splashdowns

Video 5: Making of AR Drone Slow Motion

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  1. Rachel
    Rachel March 08, 21:29

    I run a small non profit humpback whale research project in Hawaii. Aerial footage would be incredibly useful to us. I’d like to get one of the waterproof drones. When will they be available? The whales leave Hawaii by the end of March / early April.

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    • NooTriX Editor
      NooTriX Editor Author March 08, 21:38

      Production will start second quarter of 2014. And of course backers will be served first. So, We guess it will be too late for you. The best option is to order another drone. If you have a tight budget (approx. $350), the AR Parrot is the right choice. It has an embedded webcam so you can take pictures. Consider however buying also a high capacity battery for longer flights. If you want better shots and stability, you should go for a Phatom Drone that can carry a GoPro camera. The camera can be move alone while the drone is hovering. Expect approx. $1250 Euros for a ready to fly package.

      Both drones are available in our Amazon Associate store.

      BTW, we are really interested in robots for non-military applications. Please keep us informed on your use of drones.

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