Robotics Trends: 19-25 March 2012

Robotics Trends: 19-25 March 2012
March 26
20:55 2012

The spring brought good news to the robotics industry. Last week, the Nao humanoid’s manufacturer Aldebaran Robotics sold its majority stake for $100 million. This week, its the turn of Kiva Systems that automates warehouses using swarms of robot. Kiva Systems has been be sold for $775 million to Amazon. Another figure that is worth mentioning is the 44% growth of the robotics employment market. Although the business side of robotics was a hot topic this week on the web, there were other interesting news and demos on the technical side. We grouped them by topic in an attempt to ease browsing. But first, have a look to our selection of videos!

Videos of the Week

Tags of the Week

Kiva Systems(5)Amazon(5) UAVs(4) iRobot(2) Warehouse Robots(2) Arduino Comparison(1) Charity(1) Firefighting Robots(1) Humanoid Robots(1) Jellyfish(1) Kinect(1) Mechanical Interoperability(1) Open Source(1) Packbot(1) The Pirate Bay(1) Robotics Clubs(1) ROS(1) Universal Construction Kit(1) Willow Garage(1)

Kiva System sold to Amazon

Kiva Systems(5) Amazon(5) Warehouse Robots(2) Logistics(2) Warehouse Automation(2)

Arial Robots and Other Innovations Expected for 2012

UAVs(4) Quadrotors(1) Diy Drones(1) Kinect(1) Self-driving Cars(1) Remote Presence(1) Cloud Robotics(1) Telepresence(1) Open Source(1) The Pirate Bay(1) 3d Printing(1) Blimps(1) Smartphone(1) Exoskeleton(1)

Virgina Tech Robots

Virginia Tech(3) Romela(2) Dennis Hong(1)Firefighting Robots(1) Humanoid Robots(1) Jellyfish(1) Bio-inspired Robots(1)

iRobot news

iRobot(2) Willow Garage(1) Biorobotics(1) Robotics Software(1) ROS(1) Robot Operating System(1) Colin Angle(1) Rodney Brooks(1) Robert Bauer(1) Augmented Reality(1) Darpa(1) Packbot(1) Bio-inspired Robots(1) Touchme(1)

Hardware news

Arduino Comparison(1) Domestic And Personal Robots(1) Windoro(1) Universal Construction Kit(1) Duplo(1) Lego(1) Lincoln Logs(1) Mechanical Interoperability(1) K’Nex(1) Tinkertoys(1) Zome(1)

Robotics Clubs and Charity

Robotics Clubs(1) Iai(1) Cancer(1) Roomba(1) Giraffe(1) Intelligent Automation(1) Charity(1)


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