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Free Online Course on Developmental Robotics and AI

A team of french scientists in developmental robotics led by Olivier Georgeon is launching the IDEAL MOOC on developmental robotics and AI. This free online course targets a wide audience, since no prior background is required. It aims at introducing the cognitive science and programming basics required to design robots and virtual agents capable of self learning by mere experience. They try some motor actions and analyze their outcomes using their sensors. This curiosity driven process is similar to how ...
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Sharing USB Devices over Wifi using Arduino Yún

In this tutorial, we show how to use the Arduino Yún to connect a USB device through Wifi to your Linux based computer. We rely on the USB/IP project that allows USB device sharing over IP networks. This utility is really useful and has many applications. A simple one is to turn a plain USB webcam into one that you can access remotely through Wifi. But, it can apply to virtually any USB device and make it available remotely, paving ...
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Arduino Yún

Hands on the Arduino Yún

The original Arduino Yún and its successor the Arduino Yún Rev. 2 are a mixture of an Arduino board with a WiFi connected Linux board. And, of course those two parts are bridged, so you can easily build applications that interact with their environment via the digital or analog pints, and run a web server or perform some computations on the Linux part (See Video 1 below). In this tutorial, we will get started with the Yún. I’ll also provide ...
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Upgrade the Arduino Yún’s Linux

A new release of the OpenWrt-Yún (the Linux distribution for the Arduino Yún) is out. So, you probably want to upgrade your Yún board to benefit from the latest fixes and improvements. The purpose of this tutorial is to help you safely install the new version of the OpenWrt-Yún. We assume you are familiar with the basics of the Yún. Otherwise, we highly encourage you to first read our tutorial on getting started with the Yún.

ROS Indigo Igloo Preinstalled Virtual Machine

Usually, we issue a Virtual Machine (VM) with ROS preinstalled for each ROS release. This time, we decided to issue two VMs for ROS Indigo: a 32 bits version and a 64 bits one. Depending on the amount of resources you are willing to allocate to the virtual machine, you pick one version or the other. The 32bits variant requires only 1GB RAM and 1 CPU core. The 64 bits VM targets hosts with more resources. It is set to ...
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PiBot: The Raspberry Pi-Based Robot

Give the maker community a board with computing power and IO ports and you’ll get a robot not before too long. This already happened in the Arduino community. We eventually got the Arduino Robot which even has its own competition now. The Raspberry Pi community is walking down the same path with many projects related to robotics. A notable project is the PiBot (see Videos 1 and 2). Besides the Raspberry Pi board, this two-wheeled segway-like robot embeds a bunch ...
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Jimmy the 3D Printed Open Source Humanoid Robot Alternative to Nao

There is no doubt that the future of robotics is 3D printing and open-source license for both software and hardware. Such robots are already a reality as we had already reported. This group of alternatives to Nao the humanoid from Aldebaran Robotics has grown a little more bigger with advent of Jimmy (see Videos 1, 2 and 3). Jimmy can walk fast and have smooth movements, at least for upper limbs. He also comes with voice synthesis (as demoed in ...
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How to Customize Your Turtlebot

This is a continuation of our series on interesting stuff we saw at innorobo 2014. This time, the focus is on the turtlebot, the robotic friend of so many ROS fans. At innorobo there were some cool demos featuring hacked versions of the turtle. Some students stacked the structure of many turtlebots on a single one (see Picture 1). Others built a custom platform for a turtle bot that carriers sweets offered to visitors (see Picture 2). This sets the ...
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Virtual Machine with ROS Hydro Medusa Pre-Installed

It’s now our tradition to issue virtual machines with ROS pre-installed. We have already done it for ROS Fuerte and for ROS Groovy. Today it is ROS Hydro’s turn. We have chosen to stick with Ubunutu 12.04. (Precise). This is because 12.04 is an LTS version, which means Long-Term Support. The Ubuntu community will be maintaining it for 5 years. The ROS Hydro virtual machine comes in a single file .ova of approx. 3.7GB. You can launch it using VirtualBox, ...
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A Robotic Elevator using Lego & Arduino – Part 4

In this last part, we will be describing the Arduino software that controls our Lego elevator. But, let’s first define the desired behavior. As we have described in the part dedicated to the electronics, our circuit provides two push-buttons. One is supposed to make the elevator go up, and the other is for ...
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