Space Invader Retro-Game Phone Stand 3D Printed

3D printed phone stand space invader retrogaming

I made this phone stand for a friend who is fan of retro-games. I had to design it myself since I was unhappy with the ones I found on hobby 3D printing sites.


I’ve wanted it to be easy to print. Mixing different colors was also a requirement. So, I’ve came up with 2 parts. The design takes into account assembly and allows to easily align the parts and glue them together.


There are 2 STL files available for download under a BY-NC Creative Commons 4.0 International License.

Printing & Assembly Instructions


  • Print it flat the invader on its back with the hexagon hole downward
  • No support
  • Brim all around because of so many thin corners.


  • Print on the side
  • Support for only the back legs.
  • Brim for the acute top angle.

The extruded hexagon on the stand matches the hexagon hole at he back of the invader. This ensures they are aligned, and makes gluing easier.

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