Arduino-Based Toys for Playful Cats: 3 Week-End Projects

arduino projects for cats

In this selection of simple week-end projects, we target our furry friends. We provide a selection of three cool DIY projects using Arduino boards. Cats will love these electronic toys. They will cost you only few bucks, for hours of fun and laughter with your pet. Checkout the videos. They are hilarious!

The first project is basically a ball hide and seek game. You hide some balls around and the cat has to go fetch them (see Video 1). Once a ball is found, the cat has to carry it, and insert it into a funnel. The ball rolls down and trigger the delivery of some treats.

Video 1. Cute Cat Playing an Electronic Ball Game

If your cat is too lazy to go hunting balls, then you might prefer making an on demand feeding machine. The cat has to press a button to get a small portion of dry food, kept fresh inside a box (see Video 2).

Video 2. Funny Cat Pushing a Button to Get Food

To really make your cat exercise, this automated laser tower is for you. Your cat will jump and run chasing the laser spot (see Video 3). Beware to keep it on only for short periods of time, to avoid your pet turn crazy or get exhausted.

Video 3. Crazy Cat Chasing an Automated Laser Spot

CREDITS: Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev on Unsplash

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