Virtual Machine with ROS Hydro Medusa Pre-Installed

Virtual Machine with ROS Hydro Medusa Pre-Installed

It’s now our tradition to issue virtual machines with ROS pre-installed. We have already done it for ROS Fuerte and for ROS Groovy. Today it is ROS Hydro’s turn. We have chosen to stick with Ubunutu 12.04. (Precise). This is because 12.04 is an LTS version, which means Long-Term Support. The Ubuntu community will be maintaining it for 5 years.

The ROS Hydro virtual machine comes in a single file .ova of approx. 3.7GB. You can launch it using VirtualBox, the very same way as for previous ROS virtualizations. The .ova file complies with the Open Virtualization Format (OVF), thus it can be used with other virtualization tools.

We set Unbuntu to automatically log in the unique admin user:

  • login: viki
  • password: viki

The login is a reference to the V.I.K.I character from the I, Robot movie. It stands for Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence, which is the AI that controls the building of the international robot company: United States Robots (U.S.R). To remain compatible with our tutorial on ROS networking, we have named of the machine C3PO after the humanoid robot from Star Wars (BTW Episode VII is expected for December 18, 2015).

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  1. Adam
    Adam April 21, 18:20

    Thanks for the image – it saved me lots of hours. However, I get the following when I try to open the file on my machine:

    Failed to import appliance /home/adam/Downloads/ROSHydro.ova.

    Internal inconsistency looking up disk image ‘vmdisk2’.

    Result Code: NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005)
    Component: Appliance
    Interface: IAppliance {3059cf9e-25c7-4f0b-9fa5-3c42e441670b}

    Has anyone else had this issue? I am on Ubuntu 12.04 and VBox 4.1.12

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  2. Alireza
    Alireza April 24, 13:35

    I am totaly new in ROS field. I installed this package and I run turtlesim example. It works fine.

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  3. arix
    arix April 24, 15:49

    Great, thanks a lot!

    But one question, can you maybe list out some of the major ‘setbacks’ of running ROS on VM? ie maybe limited use of rviz n gazebo?

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  4. duy
    duy April 26, 08:14

    it doesn’t download ROSHydro.ova automatically. what is the exact link for the file?

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  5. Neko
    Neko April 29, 21:04

    The download stops at 2Gb, I tried to download this file 3 or 4 times.

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  6. Jose
    Jose April 30, 21:30

    The download fails at 2Gb of downloading.

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    • peci1
      peci1 May 13, 13:50

      Then you probably try to save the image to a FAT32 partition. Make sure you save it to an NTFS or ext3/4 partition.

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      • NooTriX Editor
        NooTriX Editor Author May 13, 18:41

        Actually, there were a problem with the server. This problem should not occur anymore. Many people had downloaded successfully the virtual machine since then.

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  7. new-trix to this
    new-trix to this May 03, 03:50

    hi, i installed this and ran the turtlesim tutorial just fine, but i’m trying to make a pr2. i’ve found all kinds of other packages that look like they might have something to do with it, but it says E: “unable to locate package (package name)” when I try to download anything. Anyone know how to install new stuff or if this comes with moveit and pr2 simulator built in?

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  8. kiwoo
    kiwoo May 04, 08:31

    If you provide all three ova files through torrent or other file sharing website, it would be better since currently download speed is too slow, takes almost 10~12 hours for 3.7gb file.

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  9. Omnia
    Omnia May 05, 17:09

    impossible to download the file entirely.
    I tried on two computers (Mac OSX 10.9) and two differents places and with Safari and firefox.

    The problem is “Download time out”. I can download about 2.5 go each time before the connexion cut the link. Could you extend the download time allowed before to stop the connexion ?

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  10. jk
    jk May 06, 00:00

    the new download link doesn’t work for me… the link is valid but the download rate is 0. Is there a known issue with it?

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  11. TimK
    TimK May 06, 21:32

    Pssst! It’s Episode VII 😉

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  12. NooTriX Editor
    NooTriX Editor Author May 07, 09:21

    Downloads last month exceeded our upper bandwidth limit. The cloud storage solution that we have been using since then is not satisfactory at all. We are actively working on a more reliable long term solution that will hopefully bee ready very soon. Our goal is to continue providing free download.

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  13. NooTriX Editor
    NooTriX Editor Author May 07, 20:38

    We are currently experimenting with Bit Torrent hoping that it will ease download. You can find the torrent at:

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  14. Miguel
    Miguel June 20, 17:16

    I’m having problems when trying to open Gazebo. It worked once, but since that time it only crashes when I start it. Please, can somebody provide a solution for this issue? Thanks in advance.

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  15. Braziliannewbie
    Braziliannewbie July 11, 01:13

    Im new in Ros, ive dowunloaded and instaled ROS Hydro virtual machine file .ova, but dont know how to start it in the terminal. Any help. Thanks

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  16. nckswt
    nckswt August 12, 20:32

    Looks like Gazebo works, but only without 3D acceleration, which makes it run pretty damn slowly. Has anyone successfully run Gazebo with 3D acceleration using this image?

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    • felipe
      felipe October 21, 16:28

      I have not, and I try to run the VM on a Mac. Did anyone figure out a way to make it work with 3d acceleration?

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  17. nckswt
    nckswt August 25, 17:09

    Also, I’ve been getting problems because this is a 32-bit Linux install instead of a 64-bit linux install. Any chance you can release a 64-bit version as well? Thanks!

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  18. Rex
    Rex October 17, 18:32

    Thanks a lot, It work fine. Now, I’m working with a Parrot ARdrone and all is good, too easy for install new software with catkin.

    But I have a question. There are some way to get it on ISO format, to install in a pc.


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  19. ross
    ross December 28, 05:03

    I am complete new.I can not open the torrent file at all in me!:)

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