Fighting COVID-19: Maker Projects that Can Make a Difference

COVID-19 Virus Pandemic

This is a selection of projects and initiatives to make solutions to to tackle the Covid-19 outbreak. Please note that most of them are uncertified biomedical devices. Still, they are likely to be helpful, and maybe life-saving, since there is a shortage in many hospitals around the globe.

Laser Free Face Shield

This face shield is easy to make. It requires only a 3D printed part, and an overhead projector sheet, commonly found in schools.

Read More on My Mini-Factory

Prusa Protective Face Shield - RC2

A prototype face shield developed by Prusa. It has been submitted to the Czech Ministry of Health for certification.

Building a DIY ventilator is fairly controversial and carries a high risk. This is why Johnny Lee designed a Low-cost Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR). This is an effective piece of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that could be helpful to caregivers.

Emergency Mask for Hospital Ventilators

This is a solution to repurpose the snorkeling Easybreath mask into an emergency mask for ventillators. ISINOVA team designed a new  valve to connect the mask to oxygen pipes. The valve is 3D printable. 

Besides, ISINVA is trying actively to connect hospitals to makers who can help print the batches of 10 valves or more.

Open Source Ventillator

The Open Source Ventilator (OSV) project aims at developing a Field Emergency Ventilator (FEV) system to be used in emergency situations, where a large number of basic ventilator systems are required. It should producible at scale to aid the treatment of COVID19 patients. The core design team gathers 20+ area experts, working with external organizations and other open source groups to develop a number of viable concepts for testing. The project fully embraces the Open Source ideal, with all files made available online as the project progresses. There many ways to help. You can offer your skills, your contacts, provide resources, or be a sponsor. Register online.

CREDITS: Feature photo by CDC on Unsplash

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