Open Source 3D Printed Humanoid Robots

Open Source 3D Printed Humanoid Robots


The Flowers Lab, a french research team, announced Poppy a new humanoid which is 3D printed (see Video 1). They are planing to release both the hardware and the software under an open source license. Though so far, they restrict the diffusion to beta-testers only.

Video 1: Poppy the Open Source 3D Printed Humanoid

 Beside being open, Poppy seems to be more affordable that other humanoids available on the market. Its total production cost is approximatively $7,500, which is 62% of the price of the Nao from Aldebaran. But, Poppy is competing with yet another open source humanoid robots: the Darwin-OP from Robotis (see Video 2). Indeed the OP stands for Open Plateform. Files describing both Darwin-OP’s hardware (mechanics and electronics) and software are freely available from source forge.

Video 2: Darwin-OP Humanoid Robot

 An already assembled Darwin-OP costs the same price as a Nao, that is $12,000. But, some folks made their own Darwin-OP using a 3D printer for half of the price ($6,000) which is less than the announced price for Poppy. The process is documented, so you can build your own!

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  1. Michael Overstreet
    Michael Overstreet October 21, 17:45

    I am trying to come up with a cheaper 3d printed humanoid robot because must people can not afford a 6000 to 8000 dollar robot.

    My goal is to get the price under 1000 USD.

    I am in the prototyping stage now.

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