Cozmo: A Playful Chatty Little Robot Expressing Emotions Just Like Wall-E

Cozmo: A Playful Chatty Little Robot Expressing Emotions Just Like Wall-E

Cozmo is a palm sized cute little robot by Anki. It is able to roam around, move his head, and lever/arms to perform some actions such as rolling or pushing objects (see Videos 1 and 2). Anki’s folks designed a playful/curious robot with a personality inspired by the famous movie character Wall-E. Its face is very expressive since it is displayed on a small screen. It evolves in all kinds of ways to convey a wide range of emotions. This is nicely complemented with funny sound effects. It is then no surprise that Cozmo is among most popular robotic toys on the market.

Cozmo has built-in face recognition capabilities so it can remember users. Thanks to its voice recognition capabilities, Cozmo remembers names too, and greet users the next time they meet. Out of the box, Cozmo comes with a set of pre-programmed games. However, not all features are available from the start. Games and upgrades progressively unlock according to interactions with users. Besides, a mobile app based on an easy to use visual programming language to learn programming. It allows to code new behaviors and invent new games to play with Cozmo.

Beyond basic visual programming, Anki provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) with a 3D visualizer. So, you can use an advanced programming language (Python) to write programs for Cozmo. The SDK provides a set of low- and high- level functions, and full access to sensor data. This includes the camera and vision capabilities. You can also build on top of Cozmo’s repertoire of behavior, sounds and games. Last, but not least, it’s free.
Access to all official SDK resources and code are included with each and every Cozmo at no additional charge.

Since fall 2017, Cozmo exists also in a collector’s edition. The difference lies in the gray metal look. Apart from the finish, it is the exact same robot. It has the same capabilities than the original edition. And it is sold at the same price. For $128 you get a box that includes:

Cozmo robot anki

Cozmo Collector's Edition robot anki

Cozmo Collector Edition

  • 1 Cozmo robot.
  • 1 charger.
  • 3 interactive Power Cubes.

A nice complement is an optional rigid carrying case. It costs about $26. It has custom molded compartments to hold and safely transport Cozmo and all its accessories.

If you want to customize a your little robotic buddy, you can provide it with a new pair of treads. They are sold in a pack of 4 colorful pairs (~$13). So, you can use replace the basic black treads of Cozmo with ones that are: red, blue, orange, or green. You can even go more funky by using treads of different colors.

Video 1: Meet Cozmo, the AI Robot with Emotions

Video 2: Cozmo Collector’s Edition

Cosmo robot anki
Cozmo Collector's Edition robot anki

Overdrive anki

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