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Talk to Your Vacuum Robot via Amazon Alexa & Google Home

Talk to Your Neato Vacuum Robot via Amazon Alexa & Google Home

Although, the robotic vacuum market has been pioneered by iRobot and its famous Roombas, Neato Robotics quickly became a prominent player in the realm of robotic vacuums. This success is rooted in a strong culture of technological innovation. It’s obvious when analyzing the characteristics and patents included in Neato cleaning robots. These robots were refined […]

Vacuum Robot Love Story: Cute Commercial Inspired by Wall-E

Vacuum Robot Love Story

The german company Vorwerk issued a cute ad video (see below) featuring their new vacuum cleaner robot Kobold VR200. The story is inspired from the Disney-Pixar’s great movie Wall-E: a toy robot falls in love with the new shiny robotic vacuum. When looking at Kobolds, one quickly has a déjà vu feeling. The Kobold has […]

Apple Watch Controls Your Vacuum Robot

Neato Robotics, maker of the first laser-based systematic cleaning vacuum robot continues to surprise the market with new innovations. After being faster than iRobot (maker of the famous Roomba) at releasing a wifi-enabled vacuum robot, they are now the first to make a robotic vacuum controlled from a smartwatche. On march 1st 2016, they announced […]

Control Your Roomba via Your iPhone

UPDATE: The latest versions of Roomba are Wifi-enabled. So, you can control your vacuum robot with the iPhone and Android apps provided by its manufacturer iRobot. One of the innovations introduced first by Neato’s BotVac Connected and more recently by iRobot’s Roomba 980 is the ability to control the robotic vacuum via smartphone. The app […]

Neato Botvac 85 vs. Roomba 880

Update: Checkout our review of BotVac Connected the latest robotic vacuum from Neato Robotics and how it compares to the Roomba 980 by iRobot. Neato revealed no less than four new robotic vacuums: the Botvac series. Sounds cool. But, let’s see how they actually compare to the market leader: Roomba. In this review, we compare […]

Fun With Robots: Your Vacuum Can Do More Than You Expect

One of our readers pointed a fun video (see Video 1 below) where a baby is gently swung by an iRobot Roomba. It turns out that there are many other videos where Roomba is used for purposes unplanned by iRobot. Video 1: Baby over Roomba In Video 2, the Roomba is used to carry cats […]

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