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What is the Best Vacuum Robot for 2018?

For this review, we have compared 62 robotic vacuum cleaners from 22 brands. A drastic selection led to only 3 winners in 3 categories: High-End: Come with the most advanced features and accessories. Best Sellers: These robotic vacuum cleaners provide an excellent user experience, at a reasonable price. Best Budget: This category gathers the cheapest […]

Roomba 980 vs Neato BotVac Connected: Review of the Two Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

One of the innovations introduced by Neato Robotics since its inception is systematic cleaning. While competition simply replicated the iRobot Roomba random navigation and bouncing on furniture and walls, Neato vacuum robots build a map of your home and cover every part of it methodically. The path followed resembles very much how we humans proceed […]