7 Days of Robotics: 4-10 June 2012

Among the news we highlight this week there is InMoov, a robotic hand with 5 fingers. It’s not stronger nor more sensitive than Hubo’s hand we reported last week. The originality the InMoov hand is that it was printed. Yes, by a 3D printer. And what’s coolest is that instructions are available online for both the right hand and the left one. Another cool story is about a robotic companion for joggers: the joggobot. A quadcopter is used to support someone exercising. It’s able to track the jogger position with an embedded camera and either follow her like a dog or remain in front and move at the same pace. Our last favorite news is about a cute robot: Wall-E. The fictional character from Disney-Pixar has been turned into a real robot by Mike Senna who already made a replica of R2D2. All parts were made from scratch since no hobbyist components were available. Kudos!

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