Robotics News & Trends: 7-13 May 2012

One of the hottest topics this week is funding programs in Europe. In the UK, £1.65 million (approx. $2.6 million) has been spent for the new Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL), a partnership between UWE Bristol (University of the West of England) and the University of Bristol. During his speech for the opening of the BRL, the UK Minister for Universities and Science did announce £16 million (approx. $26 million) funding for 22 academic projects. According to Robotland, funding is also available for swedish robotic companies. In Sweden, the Robotdalen initiative launched its Automation Challenge which may result into up to 1 billion Swedish Krona (approx. $142 million) investment. This money will hopefully advance the robotics field and help companies build some cool robots. Speaking of new robots, this week we have several interesting news on this side. We mention here only two of them. First, the JSR Lab of the University of Tokyo did demoed a very stable legs for bipedal robot. It can compensate a kick by walking the opposite direction and hence avoid falling as shown in our selection of videos below. The other big news is the a Robotic Nursing Assistant by Hstar Technologies, a spin-off of the MIT. The RoNA (Robotic Nursing Assistant) is supposed to lift patients weighting up to 300 pounds (136 kg). It will eventually lead to a military version that can rescue injured soldiers.

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