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Every day, there are plenty of stories and videos about new robots, recent experiments, and many interesting news on robotic parts and projects. We provide you here as a gift for year 2013, a commented list of sources to help you keep tuned with the latest robotics news.

If you are interested by videos, there are plenty of them in the internet. But, our favorite source is the BotJunkie youtube channel. It is updated every few weeks with new videos, covering some recent event or introducing some new experiment. An example is Video 1, that shows swarm robots cooperating with an AR Drone.

Video 1: Swarm Robots Cooperate with AR Drone

In the audio category, THE podcast for both hobbyists and professional roboticists is Robots that you can subscribe either using iTunes or using RSS. Every two weeks, Robots podcast provides an episode with one or two interviews of some roboticists. In year 2012 episodes people from around the world were interviewed such as : Rodney Brooks (formerly MIT and iRobot, now Rethink Robotics) about the new Baxter robot for industry, Mark Tilden (from WowWee) about BEAM robotics, and Ian Bernstein co-founder of the Orbotix, a start up that made the robotic sphere Sphero. The web site of Robots provides extra materials for each episode, including videos.

In the blog category, there are many other blogs that provide interesting stories. So many that we decided to set up a rss feed that aggregates the best of the robotics blogosphere. It groups so far 15 sources including, among our favorites. Beside robot news, it provides a weekly selection of pictures related to robots. also launched a Flickr group where multiple contributors can post their own robotic photos shown in Slideshow 1 below.

Slideshow 1: Flickr group

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