Drone Racing League Level 1: Miami Lights Semi Finals

The videos of the semi finals of Drone Racing League (DRL) of the 2016 season are out. At this stage, 8 pilots battle for the most points. Each race is made up of a number of heats. Pilots scores are determined by their total points over those heats. Pilots earn 50 points each for passing two checkpoints and finishing the course. They also get 10 points for every second they finish under the two-minute time cap. The 4 pilots with the most points will make it to the finals.

The first video below is a summary of the three heats, where you can drones zooming at 80 mph, on a 3D track, with corridors, narrow passages, tunnels, and plenty of other “opportunities” to crash the drones. And indeed, you can see spectacular crashes, where the carbon fiber quadcopter shatter into pieces.

Imagine the adrenaline rush felt by the pilots, controlling those extremely agile and fast drones. For a glimpse, watch the First Person View (FPV) videos we have selected below. Those are recordings of what is actually transmitted during the race by the onboard cameras to goggles worn by pilots. The experience is immersive. You’ll have the impression to be sitting in a cockpit of an aircraft performing complex maneuvers at full speed. Enjoy!

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