7 days of Robotics: 11-17 June 2012

We love projects taking different paths than mainstream. It often pays off to think outside the box. This week we have a such example by researchers from the EPFL (Lausane, Switzerland) that focus on making a flying robot robust to collisions instead of obstacle avoidance. They added active legs to the AirBurr, a robot from their earlier work. The AirBurr was already robust, since it deforms and does not break when hitting walls or other objects. Now, after a crash the flying robot can right up itself and takeoff, much like insects! Ideal in cluttered environment where one cannot be 100% sure to avoid collisions.

Our second story this week is also about robots in hostile environments. Such environment are often avoided by hobbyists. Not all of them actually. One of them built a robotic submarine with little resources. He simply used Lego NXT and protected the controller brick inside a plastic bag. And it works! Watch videos of this underwater robot, the AirBurr from EPFL, and much more in our weekly selection of videos.

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