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Wall-E Disney-Pixar Movie

This Pixar gem is a romantic robotic love story. One of all time best robot movies to share with your kids. The main character is a small waste collecting robot named Wall-E, left behind by humans who had quit a too polluted planet. The cute little robot had to clean up the earth and make […]

All Time Best Robot Family Movies

Astro Boy Bicentennial Man D.A.R.Y.L. Forbidden Planet Planet 51 Robots Short Circuit The Iron Giant Wall-E . Astro Boy 94 min – Animation, Action, Family – 2009 This film is loosely based on the mangas and anime series of the same name by the Japanese writer Osamu Tezuka. The story takes place in Metro City, […]

First Trailer of the Big Hero 6 Movie by Disney

This movie is the first 3D animation by Disney adapted from a Marvel’s comics since its acquisition in 2009. The story is about a young roboticists Hiro who fights a criminal plot that threatens to destroy the city of San Fransokyo. He joins forces with his home made robot Baymax. The trailer (see video below) […]

A Robot Walks into a Bar (Movie)

In his novels, Asimov had already explored a variety of ways to interpret his three laws of robotics. Still, Alex Rivera manages to explore yet another interesting way of understanding the first law. In the great short movie “A Robot Walks into a Bar”, the main character is a robotic bartender who struggles with the […]

A.I. the Movie with So Many Cool Robots

The Artificial Intelligence (A. I.) movie is a project initially started by Stanly Kubrick and eventually finished by Steven Spielberg after Kubrick’s death. Based very loosely on “Super-Toys Last All Summer Long” by Brian Aldiss, this movie plot relates the adventures of David, the first “mecha” (i.e. a robot) designed to experience love. He “is […]

Elysium the Movie

If you are looking for a movie with spaceships, humanoid robots, exoskeletons, drones, and brain-machine interfaces Elysium is for you. Although robots are not at the center of the plot, they are taking an important part of it. The story takes place in the year 2154. The very wealthy live on a man-made space station […]