Occipital is Hiring Computer Vision Engineers to Build the Future of Consumer SLAM (Boulder, CO and San Francisco, CA)

At Occipital, we are working on the software and hardware required for spatial computing – automated mapping and understanding of the world through consumer devices. We’ve innovated on the best of RGB[-D] robotic perception research to create a robust computer vision platform for consumers.

We are the company behind the Structure Sensor (http://structure.io) , the first 3D sensor for mobile devices, but we are fundamentally a software company, and we’re dedicated to making huge improvements to mobile computer vision. For example, this was our room scanning and mixed reality demo at CES this year.

We have a track record of building successful consumer computer visions applications including RedLaser (acquired by eBay), 360 Panorama (was the first realtime panorama capture application, has over 8 million downloads), and Structure Sensor (raised almost $1.3 million on Kickstarter in 2013).

But we’re just getting started, and as we extend our platform to solve new problems and push new boundaries, we are looking to grow our team. If you have experience and passion in the following topics, we would love to talk to you:

– Machine Learning for Vision (Decision Trees, Neural Networks)
– Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality
– Sensor Fusion
– Multi-View Stereo
– GPGPU (OpenCL/Metal/CUDA)
– Native mobile development (iOS, Android)
– C/C++ optimization including vector (SIMD) instructions

Please apply by sending an email.

Check out our recent announcements including our new Mixed Reality toolkit, Bridge Engine:

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