Category: Green Technology

Robots To Collect Garbage Floating in the Water

WasteShark Robot collects marine litter, and plastic in particular the whale shark style

A loft of plastic litter (bottles, bags…) end up in harbours, marinas and canals. WasteShark, a robotic boat by a Dutch company (Rana Marine) takes care of collecting this floating waste. The robot behaves the shark whale style to clean urban waters. Video 1 shows WasteShark in action. Video 1. The WasteShark Robot Collects Floating […]

Solar Roads: The Next Green Electricity Power Plants?

The production of enough solar electricity to cover all needs of our modern society, requires large areas of land that are not always available. One solution is to use houses top roofs and building facades. A more recent alternative is to use roads. This idea is backed by the observation that a given road section […]

Turning Footsteps Energy into Green Electricity

In his February 2016 TED talk, former US vice-president discusses the current state of global warming (see Video 1). During the latest decade, temperature climbed to values never reached before. Extreme violent events such as Hurricane Katrina became even more frequent. However, Al Gore is optimistic: the amount of green electricity produced by CO2 free […]

Warka Water: Collecting Water Out of Thin Air

According to the 2015 report of UNICEF, 663 million people around the globe struggle to find reliable sources of water to drink. Thousands of people including a huge percentage of children die from illnesses related to poor water quality. During the period 2000 to 2006, a total of 2163 water-related disasters were reported according to […]

Post-Christmas Green Attitude

So, you got a new gadget for Christmas. What ever gizmo you get, you probably have an older one that you won’t be using any more. Such devices are often neglectfully cluttering some drawer. We have here good news for you. Used phones have more value than you might expect. Even broken ones! You can […]