Farmers Market App: Find Fresh Locally Grown Food

Farmers Market Nearby: Buy fresh locally grown foad Locall

If you care both about the planet and your health, the Farmers Market app is for you! This app allows you to find nearby markets, where you can buy fresh food directly from farmers. Most of the produce are grown locally. This means less fuel for transportation. So, by buying locally grown food you contribute to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Farmers Market app
makes eating healthy rime with fighting climate change!


  • Show farmers markets around your current position
  • Display market info summary on map
  • Get GPS directions to navigate to selected market
  • Filter markets by product categories
  • List view of markets around any position
  • Sort markets by distance
  • Explore markets around other places
  • Find markets all around the USA
  • Single market view with:
    • Zoom map around market
    • List of sold products
    • Opening hours
    • Share market info via any messaging app
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The Farmers Market app is available for free, with the hope to contribute to make the world a better place. If you like this initiative, and want to see more please become a patron.

Important Note: Currently, Farmers Market lists US markets only.

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This app has been developed using free open source software listed below. We also give back by contributing to open-source projects.