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A Robotic Dock for Your Smartphone

The idea of using a robotic dock for iPhone and iPod is not new. Back in 2009, a robot hobbyist has developed a humanoid robot named Robochan which head was an iPhone 3GS (see Video 1). The iPhone acted as a screen that displays different facial expressions. It also plays the role of the robot […]

Ready to Use Virtualized ROS Groovy

UPDATE: You might want to use a more recent version of ROS: Hydro Medusa (released on September 2013). See the corresponding post: Virtual Machine with ROS Hydro Medusa Pre-Installed. Install procedure unchanged. ROS Groovy was released on December the 31st, 2012. For those of you who just want to quickly experiment with it, we provide […]

Your First ROS based System

Many newcomers to ROS don’t know where to start. Indeed, ROS is not an application, but it is rather a robotics middleware. That is an infrastructure to run robotic software. It provides plenty of tools, libraries and packages to ease developing, managing and reusing code. In this post, we’ll go quickly through the main concepts […]

Smart Robots: Shape Matters

When designing a robot, choosing the right shape can have tremendous impact on the robot controller. This idea has been pushed to the extreme with the HexBug Nano. It has no sensors and even no controller at all! Still its behavior is really realistic and robust as shown in Video 1. Video 1: HexBug Nano […]

Ten Top Roboticists at Collège de France, Paris

As we announced in a former post, the Collège de France hosted in Paris a two days seminar with 10 among the world’s most prominent roboticists. For those who couldn’t make it, the videos are available online. We provide below the links as well as a short summary of each talk. Pr. Jean-Paul Laumond: Welcome […]

Virtualizing ROS

UPDATE: ROS Fuerte was released on April 2012. You might want use a more recent version of ROS: ROS Hydro Medusa (released on September 2013): Virtual Machine with ROS Hydro Medusa Pre-Installed. Install procedure unchanged. ROS Groovy Galapagos (released on December 2012): Ready to Use Virtualized ROS Groovy. Install procedure unchanged. If you want to […]

ROS Networking

Today, we describe how to use ROS Fuerte over the network and have a couple of ROS nodes running on different machines. We assume that you had successfully installed ROS and that you tested it on a single PC by running some tutorials. We also assume that you are running ROS on a PC with […]

ROS Installation Made Easy

UPDATE:  Instead of installing ROS, you can simply download the VirtualBox virtual machine that we provide, so you can start experimenting quickly. [hr_dotted] Being Mac users, we decided to install ROS on one of our Mac Book Pro. We first took the latest release: Fuerte although it is tagged as experimental for Mac OS X. […]

ROS: The Linux for Robotics

Although ROS stands for “Robot Operating System”, it is not an operating system. At least not as intended when talking about Linux. ROS is actually a set of software libraries, tools, and conventions (including protocols) made to ease the development of robotic applications. Originally developed by Willow Garage for their PR2 robot, ROS was put […]