Silent Floor Cleaning Robots

Silent Floor Cleaning Robots

Robotic vacuum cleaners do a great job cleaning any house or apartment. Most robot owners report being satisfied with their purchase since their mechanical friend takes care of most of the cleaning chore. Still, vacuum robots can be criticized for their noise. The suction turbine and the rotative brushes make annoyingly loud noise (about 70dB, the equivalent of freeway traffic noise level), which prevents from listening to music or concentrating on a book, let alone sleeping. Fortunately, modern vacuum robots can be scheduled to do the cleaning while you are out for work. However, if you spilled something in the kitchen at night while the children are sleeping, or while your family is watching their favorite TV show, you can’t rely on your robotic buddy.

Another criticism of robotic vacuums is that they are only… well vacuums. While they remove most of the dust and debris, bacteria survive. And if there any spots on the floor, they remain there. Fortunately, another family of cleaning robots tackles exactly this: those are robots that use water and floor cleaners. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. The leader in this market segment is no other than iRobot, the very same manufacturer of the Roomba, the first vacuum robot for homes.

There are actually two kinds of cleaning robots, so you can choose the one that fit your need. The first family is iRobot Braava series robotic mops. They carry a pad for sweeping the floor (see Video 1). That’s what you need for wooden floors. They are also very quiet with their 35 dB. Less than the noise level in a library: 40 dB.

The second family is the heavy duty Scooba series. Pick this one these to actually wash the floor. They soak, scrub, and rinse the floor (see Video 2). The flip side of the coin is that Scooba is as noisy as a vacuum (about 70 dB).

Video 1: iRobot Braava Sweeping Robot

Video 2: iRobot Scooba Soaks, Scrubs, and Rinses the floor

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