Meet Cozmo: A Playful Little Robot with Emotions

Meet Cozmo: A Playful Little Robot with Emotions

Anki first hit the market with overdrive, a track and a set of small robotic cars that can race autonomously. First showcased at the Apple WWDC 2013, it paves the way for a new breed of entertainment by mixing of video games and real world objects. Cars can race for real and virtually fire rockets (see Video 3).

For Christmas 2016, Anki strikes back with Cozmo. This palm sized cute little robot is able to roam around, move his head, and lever/arms to perform some actions such as rolling or pushing objects (see Videos 1 and 2). Anki’s folks designed a playful/curious robot with a personality inspired by the famous movie character Wall-E. Its face – displayed on a small screen – is expressive enough to convey a wide range of emotions, nicely complemented with funny sound effects.

Cozmo has built-in face recognition capabilities so it can remember users. Thanks to its voice recognition capabilities, Cozmo remembers names too, and greet users the next time they meet. Out of the box, Cozmo comes with a set of pre-programmed games. However, not all features are available from the start. Games and upgrades progressively unlock according to interactions with users. Besides, a mobile app based on an easy to use visual programming language, allows coding new behaviors.

Video 1: Meet Cozmo, the AI Robot with Emotions

Video 2: Cozmo

Video 3: CBS This Morning Featuring Anki Overdrive Cars


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