7 Days of Robotics: 28 May – 3 June

7 Days of Robotics: 28 May – 3 June
June 04
08:44 2012

So many novelties this week! Harvard’s Biorobotics Lab made TakkTile, a new tactile sensor, which will for sure have deep impact on the field. It has several good properties. It’s robust and continues functioning even after being hit by a hammer. It’s sensitive, and can detect weights from 5g to approx. 10kg. The TakkTile is also inexpensive and easy to build based on an array of MEMS barometers under 6mm rubber. It’s also easy to use since it can be driven through I2C over 4 wires interface. The other good news is that it’s open source. Really cool! On the robots side, the recent progress of the Hubo humanoid are impressive. The two most awesome features are the hand and the battery. The hand weights about 380g with all the motors, and it has enough force to pull stuff (window, door) or carry objects weighting few kilograms (up to 7kg). Hubo is getting closer to what is required to replace humans for some useful tasks. And he can do so for more than 2 hours, thanks to the new battery. One of our selection of videos in the playlist below features Hubo walking for about 2km. The hand is also demoed used for different demanding tasks. Two other robots caught our attention this week for pioneering the domain. One is the Swumanoid, a humanoid robot that is learning to swim like a human. The other one is the BaTboT a flying robot with flapping wings modeled based on bats wings. The wings are highly articulated so they can change shape during the flight enabling high maneuverability. Find out more on this and much more in our selection of videos and news below. Enjoy!

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