Robotics Trends: 26 March – 1 April 2012

Robotics Trends: 26 March – 1 April 2012
April 02
17:29 2012

jumpingRobotWelcome back to our review of robotics trends. Our favorite findings this week are from Boston Dynamics. Their Sand Flea jumping robots is simply amazing! Checkout the video below. You’ll find also news and videos about other robotics projects, experiments and stuff. One of the most promising is the robotic skin from Meka Robotics. A robot fully covered with such a skin will for sure exhibit a smarter behavior. Indeed, it will perceive any contact, especially limb to limb ones such as an arm touching a torso. The flip side is that the amount of data to process will dramatically increase. Each square inch of skin will be generating dozens if not thousands of signals. Yet another challenge for the robotics community!

Videos of the Week

News of the Week

Boston Dynamics(3) Build Robots(2) Car(1) Community(2) DIY(1) Eduction(1) Flying Robot(1) Forum(1) Google(1) Humanoid(2) Hume(1) Man-machine Interfaces(1) Meka Robotics(1) Military(1) Multi-Robot System(1) Podcast(1) Robobonobo(1) Robotic Swarm(1) Sand Flea(2) Self Driving Car(1) Support(1) Teleoperation(2) US Army(1) Ut Austin(1) Walking Robot(1) Warehouse(2) Willow Garage(1)

Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics(3) Sand Flea(2) Military(1) US Army(1) Jumping Robots(1) Osaka University(1) Robo-one(1) Rhex(1) Precision Urban Hopper(1)


Teleoperation(2) Robobonobo(1) Man-machine Interfaces(1) Willow Garage(1) Robotics Software(1) Pr2(1) Bonobos(1) Bio-inspired Robots(1) Apes(1) Cloud Robotics(1) Heaphy(1) Human-robot Interaction(1) Kickstarter(1)

Build Robots

Build Robots(2) DIY(1) Walking Robot(1) Flying Robot(1) Hardware(1) Darpa(1) Robot Kits(1)


Community(2) Support(1) Forum(1) Eduction(1) Research(1)


Humanoid(2) Hume(1) Ut Austin(1) Meka Robotics(1) Tactile(1) University Of Texas(1)


Warehouse(2) Podcast(1) Robotic Swarm(1) Multi-Robot System(1) Distributed Control(1) Kiva Systems(1)


Google(1) Self Driving Car(1) Car(1)


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